Badania termowizyjne budynków

We offer:

  • thermographic inspections of buildings;
  • thermographic inspections of electrical installations;
  • liquid leakage detection (heating systems, plumbing, industrial installations).


We provide thermographic inspections for all kinds of buildings.

We offer:

  • diagnosis of thermal problems in buildings (thermal bridges, thermal comfort problems);
  • control of quality of construction work (insulation installation, fitting of windows and doors etc.);
  • technical control of the buildings for the purpose of energy audit;
  • technical control of the property before buying;
  • air leakage detection (especially with door fan test);

We strongly recommend performing thermographic inspection with a blower door testing!


We offer infrared inspections of electrical installations and equipment.

Thermographic inspection allows for quick and non-contact detection of temperature anomalies within the electrical connectors, wire insulation, fuses and other power system components. The anomalous temperature may indicate a malfunction and defects of installations and equipment. Thanks to early detection of such abnormalities, serious accidents can be avoided.

We offer:

  • periodic inspections of the technical condition of electrical installations and devices;
  • infrared inspections as one of the activities related to the fire safety needs;
  • thermal imaging documentation for insurance policy;
  • the location of the course of electrical wiring in the envelope of buildings.

Thermographic control is usually performed under normal load operating systems and devices, so there is no need to organize troublesome stoppage of production processes.


We use infrared for liquid leakage detection.

The effectiveness of liquid leakage detection by infrared camera depends on:

  • size of the leak;
  • temperature of the leaking fluids (difference between temperature of the fluid and temperature of the leakage surroundings);
  • depth of placement of the leakage in building envelope.

Infrared allows for non-contact and very quick detection of leakage, so you minimize the costs associated with finding and removal of the leakage.

Termowizja instalacji elektrycznych